Reefer Dispatch

Reefer trailers are used to transport freight that requires refrigeration. Our experience in dispatching for reefers is that they can thrive particularly well in warmer, more temperate regions such as Florida or California.

Reefer Dispatch Service | Top Dog Dispatch

Load/Unload Times

Reefers differ from flatbed and step deck load times due to the commodities and industries in which they operate. Typically, the facilities are larger and run on a 24-hour schedule and appointments are standard practice.

When we book for reefers, we set your appointment time based on when you tell us you will be able to arrive. These appointments are usually one-hour windows of time and are denoted on the rate confirmation we send you. From our experience, reefers who get loaded or unloaded earlier in the day tend to have access to a wider variety of freight which can in-turn increase your weekly total.


Reefer trailers normally come with everything needed to start out. The only additional equipment we recommend having is a minimum of 3 load locks. These will ensure that the load stays secure during transit and some brokers may require them.

Freight Markets

We find that reefers can operate successfully in most major markets across the US. Because of this, our reefer dispatch team can tailor your route according to personal preference rather than simply focusing on the most money. Do you prefer the Midwest over the East Coast? Maybe you just like driving in the South? These are things we will learn and consider when booking loads for your reefer.

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