Our Dispatch Services

As the owner of your own truck or fleet, it can be difficult to get the time to look up. Let alone carefully plan your week, complete paperwork, call brokers, etc. As a dispatcher, that's our specialty. We do all that while pushing rates higher and ultimately becoming an asset to your business, not a sunken cost.


Load Search & Negotiation

Immediately after you have signed up with us, our team springs 25+ years of trucking expertise into action for your company. We have built numerous broker contacts, direct access to shipper load boards, and paid access to major load boards. This gives our dispatchers a leg up when finding your next load. Every load we book is negotiated by one of our team members to bring as much money to your truck as possible. We often negotiate load rates up far enough to cover our full rate, essentially paying for ourselves.



Next up, we begin completing the necessary paperwork that is required to make the load yours. We have extensive experience working and communicating with freight brokers. Our paperwork services cover:

  • Carrier Packets
  • Rate Confirmations
  • Broker Calls
  • Broker Emails
  • Oversize Permits

Week Planning

Part of being a competent dispatcher means that our team needs to be constantly planning ahead for your week out. We keep an updated chart of where you are and when you are there and start looking for your next load the day before you unload. This means less time and money wasted sitting around waiting for your next run.


Broker Contact

Fielding calls, emails, and requests from brokers can be a full-time job itself. They may need to be given frequent location updates for you throughout the day so they can keep their customers informed. There could be an issue with your company documents that needs sorted With us, you will never have to worry about keeping the broker up to speed.



Finally, you send us your proof of delivery, or BOL, and we can invoice the load for you. Almost every independent trucking company has a different way of submitting their invoice. Some wait the full 30 day time frame to receive the full amount and others get paid next day by a factoring company. We custom-fit our invoice solution to fit your preference.


Load Statistics

We store up-to-date documents & data for every load we book for your company in case you ever want or need to go back and evaluate.

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