Flatbed Dispatch

Flatbeds are the “jack-of-all-trades” in the freight industry. They are capable of hauling a wide variety of freight types. From US military cargo to pallets of water during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, our flatbed dispatch team has booked it all.

Flatbed Dispatch Service | Top Dog Dispatch

Load/Unload Times

Like step decks, flatbed load and unload times are typically dependent on the shipper’s business hours. This means most facilities are not open 24/7 and appointment times are not common.

Instead, our flatbed dispatch team will give you a window of time and whatever order your truck arrives is the order it is processed. First come, first serve. From our experience, flatbeds who get loaded or unloaded earlier in the day tend to make more money. The quicker your truck is processed, the more time you have to drive and take another load, increasing your weekly total.


The amount of freight available to your flatbed increases drastically with the addition of equipment like tarps, coil racks, dunnage, etc. Having more loads to choose from during the dispatch process makes our chances of finding higher rates even better. Although there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach on which equipment to pack, our flatbed dispatch team has come up with a basic list of equipment that we have found to impact flatbed income the most: 8ft tarp, 10 chains/binders, straps, etc.

Freight Markets

With the right equipment, flatbeds have the ability to operate successfully in most major markets across the US. Because of this, our flatbed dispatch team is able to tailor your route according to personal preference rather than simply focusing on the most money. Do you prefer the Midwest over the East Coast? Maybe you just like driving in the South? These are things we will learn and take into account when booking loads for your flatbed.

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