Are Dispatchers Worth the Money?

By Derek
2 min read
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There are countless online articles outlining the reasons that, as an independent trucker, you should book your own loads. While that may seem like a no-brainer, they often fail to mention the benefits of using a dispatch service. Virtually all successful trucking companies have a dedicated staff of dispatchers finding, booking, and managing the loads behind the scenes. They employ dispatchers because they are an asset, not a liability.

Pushing for higher rates and professionally handling your administrative responsibilities can help your independent trucking company succeed. That is a dispatch company's sole purpose of existence. Being a dispatch service to numerous owner operators and some fleets (who have been in the industry for years) gives us a unique perspective on the key reasons drivers enjoy our services.

Decrease Downtime

Our drivers have their next load booked before they deliver the load they are on. No need to stop at a truck stop and pull out a computer and look for loads, many of which are gone the day before anyway. Brokers do not like booking last minute loads and typically those tend to be troubled in some way. By having an effective dispatcher, a load is being negotiated while you are traveling on the load you’re currently on. Our trucks already know where they need to go a day in advance.

Better ELD Compliance

By having loads booked in advance, our drivers are not wasting valuable clock time. Since the ELD Mandate, it is imperative that drivers function within a 14-hour window to complete their daily tasks. Having a dedicated dispatcher significantly reduces your amount of wasted time.

Increased Rate

The first thing companies working with us notice is a significant rise in rate per mile on average because of the time we spend finding the right rate. Whether it takes hours or days, our team is constantly on the hunt to increase your profit.

Strengthen Broker Relationships

Often is the case that brokers call our office first with loads paying higher than usual since they have worked with us so often and built a trusting relationship. It costs brokers each time they post a load, so it makes sense for them to bypass load boards if at all possible and work with us directly. These cherry-picked loads then go directly to our carriers. If the load is completed successfully, brokers will come back for more.

It is not only a good idea to have a dispatcher, it is a vital path to success in the industry. Dispatchers make your company more competitive and profitable. Our goal as your dispatcher is to relieve the insane amount of burden you have, all while increasing profit to the truck.

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