Photo Credit: Wayne from Austins Transport.


Step 1: Load Search

Finding the right load for you is made simple thanks to our access to major load boards and direct broker contacts.

Search & Negotiate

Immediately after the sign up process has been completed, our team springs 25+ years of trucking industry expertise into action for your company. We’ve built numerous broker contacts, direct access to shipper load boards, and paid access to major load boards. This gives our dispatchers a leg up when finding your next load. Every load we book is negotiated by one of our team members to bring as much money to your truck as possible. We often negotiate load rates up far enough to cover our full rate, essentially paying for ourselves.


Once we have identified and negotiated a load that fits your standards, we will defer to your judgement before making it official. Upon your acceptance, we will begin booking the next step.


Our Competitive Edges

Quality Service

When we say we're a "dispatch service" we really mean it. We try to exceed your expectations every step of the way.


Have an obscure question about faulty equipment on your truck? Want to know the best road to take? We know because we've been there.

Tech Savvy

If used properly, modern technology can be a truckers best friend. We're constantly seeking new software to make your life easier.


Step 2: Paperwork

Never sweat another carrier packet or rate confirmation, we’ve got you covered. Our team is well versed in filling them out professionally.

Next up, we begin completing the necessary paperwork that is required to make the load yours. Our team has extensive experience working and communicating with freight brokers. Our team facilitates:

Avoid This


Our Price

10 %
of the load rate


Step 3: Invoice

Whether your company waits the full 30 days or uses a factoring service, our goal is to get you paid as early as humanly possible.

Paying You

Finally, you send us your proof of delivery, or BOL, and we can invoice the load for you. Almost every independent trucking company has a different way of submitting their invoice. Some wait the full 30 day time frame to receive the full amount and others get paid next day by a factoring company. We custom-fit our invoice solution to fit your preference.

NOTE: Some companies prefer doing their own invoices, which is understandable. With us, you always have that option available should you choose to do so.

Paying Us

Top Dog Dispatch charges a 10% fee on loads that we book for your company. So how it works is seven days after your invoice is submitted and you are paid, we will send you an invoice for 10% of that load rate. There are three ways this invoice can be paid:

  • Square: Through Square, a secure payment platform, you will receive an email notification of your invoice and can use your credit/debit card to pay.
  • Mailed Check: You can send a physical check to us and pay your invoice that way. Checks must be made out to “Top Dog Dispatch LLC” and mailed to our business address at 1705 Crimson Dr, Worthington, KY 41183.
  • Factoring Company: If you use a factoring company, they may allow our percentage to be paid when you get paid. This eliminates the need for any online payment or physical check.