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Top Dog Dispatch is a Kentucky-based dispatch service for independent owner operator and fleet trucking companies across the country.

Finding a worthwhile load presents a challenge for many carriers, Phillip Pierce—a former driver of over 25 years—created Top Dog Dispatch to alleviate the stresses of being independent in the trucking industry.

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Our Values

As a company entrusted with the responsibility of moving freight across the country, we heavily emphasize driver safety. Our process is built from the ground up to help drivers follow FMCSA regulations and stay within the bounds of the law. We are aware of the importance of a drivers’ judgement in relation to safety concerns. You know your equipment better than anyone.

In an industry so reliant on the accurate transmission of information, carriers and brokers alike can always trust our team to relay administrative information in an open and honest fashion. Documents completed and signed by our team are digitally sent to all parties involved. This allows for real-time evaluation and storage purposes.

From verbal to written communications, our contact on behalf your company is geared toward representing you in the most professional manner. Partnering with a team of dedicated dispatchers boosts your capabilities and reputation with brokers. This is especially true when we already have a professional working history together.

Top Dog Dispatch is not a complacent company. We know there is always room for improvement. We are consistently testing new technologies and systems that will expand the scope of our service and the speed at which we operate.



If you don’t see a question you wanted to ask please call or email us anytime and we will get back to you.

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As the owner of your own truck or fleet, it’s important to carefully consider many factors on the road. Money is important but other aspects like time management, location, and route safety can be easily overlooked when you don’t have a team dedicated to safeguarding your best interests on the road.

Let’s use the example of location. Say you find a load paying a high rate per mile going to a location that typically offers high rates, BUT get there only to discover that, due to a recent influx of other trucks in the same location, you will have to take a poor rate—or even deadhead—out to get back on track.

Scenarios like these are exactly what our company was created to prevent. As we said previously, having a team to safeguard your best interests on the road and analyze all aspects of booking a load can be the difference between losing or making money. We strive to become an asset to your company, not a liability.

We don’t believe weekly, monthly, or yearly fees are a fair way to charge for our services. Instead, 7 days after you deliver, we’ll send you an invoice for 10% of the load rate. By charging a percentage and not a flat fee, our team is incentivized to find you the best load possible. Often, our dispatchers are able to negotiate the rate up to cover our full percentage.


Our Team

Phillip Pierce, Owner

Phillip is a former trucker of over 25 years. After a long career on the road working for himself and various companies, he founded Top Dog Dispatch as an obvious marriage of his trucking experience and business education.

Derek Pierce, Account Manager

Derek has utilized his training obtained at Wright State University and Marshall University to better position the company for growth by optimizing the burden of entry for new drivers.


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